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 Cattle mutilations still with us.
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Posted - 01/13/2002 :  12:10:36 AM  Show Profile Send scmit377 a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Suppose that the cattle mutilations are conducted
in order to gather genetic material
for constructing a new hybrid type cattle for
future use. They seem to extract both the
blood and the various tissue samples. This
problem has continued for many years(unsolved)
everywhere around the world. It could be that the aliens
are doing this for our own future good.

Another hypothesis is that a rogue secret human group
lead by mad scientists are doing this and using aliens
as subcontractors to help these crazed scientists gather
up genetic material and tissue samples for bizarre secret
biologic and genetic experiments.

So what do you think?

Human multiple alien race abductee member,
ufologist,®ular guy

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Posted - 01/13/2002 :  09:02:08 AM  Show Profile  Visit Elrick's Homepage Send Elrick a Private Message  Reply with Quote
This is a most intriguing topic and personally I feel it is alien connected in some way. The strangeness about it, no tracks, no blood, unusual body parts missing for who knows why....Some researchers say that these may have been happening for a long time, very old cases that may refer to a livestock mutilations, but in the days before advanced communication (phones and such) this kind of news stayed local and never got the attention it gets now. Here is a report on one the latest mutilations. It comes from our good friends over at FILER'S FILES, You must be logged in to see this link. We like these guys a lot because they bust their ass to put out the latest ufo news each week...but anyways, here goes:


DUPUYER -- National Institute for Discovery Science" NIDS received a call from local law enforcement regarding a six-year old Red Angus cow found dead at 8:00-9:00 AM on July 27, 2001. The animal was lying on its right side. The left eye and eyelid were missing, the hide from the left jaw was missing and parts of the tongue were gone. The vagina and rectum were also missing. A thorough examination of the area by law enforcement failed to reveal any tracks, markings or signs of struggle from the animal. When the hide under the left jaw was cut away, investigators noticed a greenish-colored tissue mass just under the jaw. The green color markedly contrasted with the pink color of the surrounding tissue. Because of the ambient temperature and humidity in the area and to prevent further decomposition, the head of the animal was severed and immediately frozen. After the head was thoroughly frozen it was shipped to NIDS in Las Vegas and stored at -85ºC to prevent further decomposi!

NIDS then consulted with a forensic expert, whose analysis of the eyes and jaw showed no blood in the tissue, indicating that the heart had stopped beating upon removal of the tissues. If the animal was mutilated, the mutilation occurred after death. In addition to the gross pathology, samples of eye fluid from the animal's right eye and tissue from the neck area were collected. A comprehensive set of organic extraction procedures followed by Infrared spectrometry and gas chromatography mass spectrometry (GCMS) analysis were conducted to determine the molecular components in the eye fluid and tissues. Preliminary chemical analysis was also conducted on maggot mass from the animal. A second animal was obtained from a slaughterhouse and left to decompose for four days as a sham or control animal. Tissue and eye fluid from the control animal was subjected to identical extraction and analytical procedures.

A compound called oxindole was found in both tissue and eye fluid from the mutilated animal but not in the control animal, suggesting oxindole was not a decomposition product. The clinical and pharmacological properties of oxindole in animals cause profound sedation, decrease in blood pressure, decrease in muscular tone and loss of consciousness (Orcutt et al. (1964) Arch. Int. Pharmacodynam. 152, 121-131). Our failure to find oxindole in the control animal leads us to the working hypothesis that oxindole may have been used to sedate the animal prior to its death and mutilation. Similar analyses of different mutilated animals in the future will either substantiate or negate this working hypothesis. For example, the pharmacokinetic data on administration of oxindole to large animals is scanty as are the data on the extent of rumen-saliva recycling of tryptophan metabolites. A second hypothesis is that a traumatic event triggered the swift accumulation of oxindole in the tissues of the mutilated animal but not in the control animal. Since the summer of 2001, NIDS has received over eight reports of animal mutilations from Montana, the majority of which were too old to seriously investigate. Nevertheless, this number of reports in a few months constitutes by far the largest report frequency received in the history of NIDS investigations of the animal mutilation phenomenon. Therefore, the present case should be seen not as an isolated incident, but in the context of a wave of mutilation reports in 2001 from Montana. It should also be noted that during the period 1974-1977, the Great Falls area of Montana was the focus of an intense wave of animal mutilations. NIDS is gratified by the increasing spirit of cooperation between our organization and ranchers, law enforcement officials and veterinarians. Call NIDS at (702-798-1700) The full 50 page report with photographs at You must be logged in to see this link.

"We are not merely human beings having a spiritual experience, but rather spiritual beings having a human experience."

Edited by - Elrick on 01/13/2002 09:10:02 AM
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Posted - 01/19/2002 :  12:35:21 PM  Show Profile Send scmit377 a Private Message  Reply with Quote
There has been a suggestion by others that
since the rate of cancer has gone up after
the era of above ground nuclear testing, a
study was needed to confirm the biological
changes that occur in the mucous membranes of
humans and domestic animals. So the cattle
mutilations, that seem to frequently extract
mucous membrane tissue samples perhaps is done in
order to gather up material for study to see the
effects of nuclear radioactive fallout on the populations.
Using animals instead of humans would be a reasonable
approach to study this problem. This is
just a theory.

There is another theory: The Charles Fort
hypothesis- the Earth is a farm , and the
human race(and all other species) is a crop
for the aliens to harvest. We hope this
theory is incorrect.

Human multiple alien race abductee member,
ufologist,®ular guy
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Posted - 01/22/2002 :  8:29:59 PM  Show Profile Send n/a a Private Message  Reply with Quote
So we're like, an ant farm? How cool is that?! There's some little alien kid watching our every move.... Whoa, take that back, not cool. But iamgine if we were just like an ant farm in some alien kids bedroom... What would happen if the kid knocked over the farm? Or if he/she filled it full of water? Or threw us out the window? Kind of a ominous feeling, thinking right now some kid is holding us up and shaking us around to see our reaction.

Of course, this is improbiable (but no impossible) due to the UFP phenamena and the fact that I doubt UFOs and aliens would shrink their space craft (and themselves) just to terrorize and experiment on "ants."

Damn, I'm in a VERY good mood!

"Your bones have been my bedframe and your flesh has been my pillow and I've been waiting for sleep to offer up the deep with both hands."

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Posted - 06/09/2002 :  2:01:16 PM  Show Profile  Visit Elrick's Homepage Send Elrick a Private Message  Reply with Quote
If you have been keeping up with the newsletters, you know that cattle mutilations are still happening quite often, so I figured I would bump this topic....

"We are not merely human beings having a spiritual experience, but rather spiritual beings having a human experience."
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Posted - 06/09/2002 :  11:15:57 PM  Show Profile Send scmit377 a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Someone had suggested that the aliens had lost their GI tracts a long time ago and may
be trying to genetically re-engineer a newer
biological being by extracting mucous membrane tissue samples. They would like to
take these tissue samples from humans ideally, but, use cattle instead because humans are more advanced now. This is just
another bit of speculation, so don't get too

Human multiple alien race abductee member,
ufologist,®ular guy
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Posted - 06/23/2002 :  12:52:23 PM  Show Profile Send Danger a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Mutilations have been on the increase in south america.

Elrick, I have read those reports too. I have also read the United States Census reports on-line. Very revealing.

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Posted - 06/24/2002 :  12:56:55 PM  Show Profile  Visit Elrick's Homepage Send Elrick a Private Message  Reply with Quote
It would seem that cattle mutilations are reaching the point of epidemic....Here are a few more tidbit that have come over the wire the last few days. See what you make of it.


SOURCE: Sociedad de Investigaciones Biofisicas (SIB)
DATE: Friday, June 21, 2002 1:02 pm

Concern in La Pampa: UFOs reported; investigation into their relationship with cattle mutilations

Santa Rosa, June 21 (NA)-- A group of police officers claimed to have witnessed an Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) in the Pampan community of "25 de Mayo" and are looking into the possibility that the episode may ahve something to do with the dozens of mutilated animals found in the provinces of La Pampa, Rio Negro and Buenos Aires. The incident can be added to a similar event which occurred last Wednesday in the Las Leñas tourist complex of the province of Mendoza, where dozens of witnesses saw a UFO fly over an extinct marine creature burial ground. ================================== Translation (C) 2002. Institute of Hispanic Ufology. Special Thanks to Sociedad de Investigaciones Biofisicas-Betelgeuse.


SOURCE: La Capital On Line - Santa Fe-
DATE: June 21, 2002


A mutilated bovine was found in the Santa Fe community fo Moises Ville, 170 kilometers from the provincial seat. The incisions were similar to those reported in cases in Buenos Aires, Rio Negro and La Pampa. The animal, a cross-breed known as Red Overo, was found missing an ear, an eye, tongue, genitals and the muscular mass of its jawbone, according to spokespersons for the Renata Kulemeyer firm on whose pasture field the mutilation occurred. As in earlier cases, the cuts were performed with surgical accuracy, without any trace of blood on the animal's hide nor any tracks in the vicinity.

Moreover, reports were received for the first case involving a dead bovine with strange incisions in the town of Nicolas Levalle in southern Buenos Aires province, according to a cattleman's claim, stating that the cow was "somewhat dizzy. It stood still and stopped walking. While we didn't stop to look, since we had to take the rest of the herd to the watering hole, there's no doubt something happened," said Enrique Kampmeier, the field's owner, located some 65 km west of Bahia Blanca in the Villarino district. The cow broke away from the group and when it was found an hour later, it was missing several organs.

Oscar Bellido, the municipal delegate of Goyena, 140 km north of Bahia Blanca, confirmed the discovery of a cow in a pasture field belonging to the Murguia family. The animal was missing such organs as its tongue and part of its throat. Its extremities were hard. "Last monday, in the vicinity of La Himalaya, going toward Azopardo, resident Ricardo Rodriguez saw a flying saucer over a nearby hill, beaming a strong white light and with a red bottom (sic). His brother was able to see something similar in another field on Tuesday night: he was plowing and saw a UFO in a different location, but in the same region," added Bellido (Telam News Agency).
Translation (C) 2002. Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology. Special Thanks to Gloria Coluchi.


SOURCE: Diario "La Arena" (Santa Rosa, La Pampa)
DATE: 6-23-02


25 DE MAYO (C)-- Eight more mutilated animals were found on Friday at Lots 2 and 22 of the Department of Curaco, 50 km south of Puelches. This was confirmed by Deputy Sheriff Omar Martinez in a statement to this correspondent. The finds are thus added to the over 100 animals which have appeared in the provinces of Rio Negro, Buenos Aires and La Pampa. Two of the carcasses were found on Lot 22 in a field owned by Augusto Valdome, and are those of two cows missing genitals, an ear, an eye and part of their jawbones. Furthermore, two additional cows and a calf were found in a field, also on Lot 22, owned by Julio Rogge. The first two were missing the same organs as in the foregoing case, but the calf was missing its lungs, heart, liver and entrails.

In a third field, police officers discovered three cows in a pasture on Lot 2, owned by Sara Aguerre. The carcasses were also missing their genitals, udders, ears, eyes and showed deep cuts on their jawbones. Martinez noted that the remains of the calf's head found on Rogge's field will be sent to the National University of La Pampa's School of Veterinary Medicine. The police took the initiative due to the strange bluish discoloration shown on [the animal's head].

Translation (C) 2002. Institute of Hispanic Ufology (IHU). Special Thanks to Gloria Coluchi.


SOURCE: Diario "El Chubut" (Argentina)

DATE: June 22, 2002
You must be logged in to see this link.


One of the animals was found 5 km. north of Puerto Piramide with mutilated ears, missing an eye and with no signs of any tracks around it. The other case was reported today.

The following news items are provided by TeleNoticias (Coronel Pringles, Argentina):

20.06.02-11:43 - Dead animals -- Mutilated sheep found in a field belonging to Mr. Ibarguren of our district.

18.06.02-22:07 - Another mutilated animal -- This one was found in Lartigau: a cow presenting incisions on its udders, rectum, missing part of its large intestine and genitlas. It is further missing an eye.

18.06.02-16:50 - Local SENASA office -- In the next hours, the officer in charge of the local SENASA office, Dr. Alfredo Casan, shall meet with veterinarians who found the mutilated animals in the respective livestock farms in Coronel Pringles.

17.06.02-22:28 - Noteworthy -- Another item of information that is added to the appearance of dead bovines is the place in which the last four animals were found. The field is practically inaccessible; it was only possible to reach it on a tractor and its is necessary to cross a flooded area. Another characteristic that repeats itself in most of the cases encountered.

17.06.02-22:23 - More mutilated animals in a field near Laprida: they were examined by veterinarian Juan Mudrovcic and their injuries correspond to the type seen in other animals. This case involves four cows that were also mutilated, missing eyes, udders and showing incisions on their jawbones.

Translation (C) 2002. Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology. Special Thanks to Christian Quintero, Projecto CONDOR.


SOURCE: Diario Rio Negro Online (Argentina)
DATE: June 24, 2002

** Another horse found dead in Choele Choel rustic farm area **

The discovery of a dead horse in the Choele Choel rustic farm area has fed the mystery in the Valle Medio region and other parts of the province. This time a horse was found a short distance away from the community. In order to reach the site, one must cross a rural road and pass by at least a dozen rustic farmsteads. The victim presents the same characteristics as other animals found so far. Moreover, cattle ranchers are complaining about the indifference of the provincial agencies which have shown little interest in finding out what has happened. Meanwhile, fear is enveloping the residents of the area's rural regions.

The horse found in Choele Choel showed the same incisions and characteristics as the others. It was missing an eye, tongue, testicles, anus and part of its rectum. All had been removed with surgical accuracy. And the wounds were cauterized. This case, unlike others, occurred a scant 2000 meters from the causeway linking Choele Choel with the island.

It is mentioned that from the initial find to date, no officials have reported to the community to get details on the cases (AVM/AR and DyN).
Translation (C) 2002. Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology. Special Thanks to Gloria Coluchi.


Seems like mutilations are on the rise in some areas. Poor animals, and most people dont consider how this effects the farmers and ranchers financially who own animals its obviously not(or at least you wouldn't think) the owners involved for publicity or something..... The 2 most popular theories still seem to be that it is some secret organization (like the government) or ufos and aliens....It is strange and interesting to note that in all of the thousands of mutilation reports that have occured over the many years, never has (at least that I know of) anybody ever been brought up on changes in relation to the mutilations....there is simply not evidence enough to point the would think, somewhere sometime...somebody would make a mistake and leave some evidence, whether a footprint or whatever....but something.

"We are not merely human beings having a spiritual experience, but rather spiritual beings having a human experience."

Edited by - Elrick on 06/24/2002 12:58:34 PM
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Posted - 06/26/2002 :  01:50:38 AM  Show Profile Send Hadrianus a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Elrick - it seems that most of these mutilations have some features in common, such as the loss of the tongue.

Are you aware that attacks by the Mapinguary (Bigfoot) of Brazil also involve the death of cattle, whose tongues are removed?

Actually, in many parts of the world the tongue is regarded as a special delicacy. During the appalling slaughter of the Buffalo on the Great Plains of the US (c. 1865-1890) it was common practice to shoot the Buffalo from trains. Then the hunters would go among the corpses and remove the tongues, which were considered the only part of a Buffalo fit for a white man to eat. The rest of the animal was left to rot. Sound familiar? I wonder if the Indians speculated as to whether their herds were dying due to Alien activities? It must have seemed just as mysterious.

To learn about the Mapinguary, you can access

You must be logged in to see this link.

That site will also tell you about the Yeti, for which I have, of course, a special affinity.

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Posted - 06/26/2002 :  05:42:47 AM  Show Profile Send calperia a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Hi, Everyone!

This topic is both macabre and fascinating. Okay...I'll jump in--what the heck!

Thanks for the updates, Elrick. It also surprises me...well, maybe "surprises" isn't the right word, since little that our world's governments do actually surprises me intrigues me as to why the various governments act so indifferent to cattle multilations. And it causes me to shake my head in amazement at the "explanations" offered for such mutilations--the most typical, of course, being that they are caused by coyotes or other known predators. (Yeah, like where did they learn their surgical techniques--at good ole "Howl U."?)

Although I cannot say for certain whether cattle mutilations are alien-engendered--I suppose they COULD be carried out by covert government scientists--it doesn't seem very likely that they are the result of normal predation.


Hey, Hadrianus--I don't think the buffalo killings were that mysterious to the Native Americans: wagon tracks at the slaughter sites, bullet holes in the animals' hides, the taking of fur pelts--the general sloppiness of the kill and the lack of sensible use of the buffalo more than likely pointed to the culprits.

As for the Yeti connection...naw, I hear BF and his kin like a good mandarin orange salad at Wendy's.

Good topic!

A stellar day to all!

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Posted - 06/28/2002 :  12:32:51 PM  Show Profile  Visit Elrick's Homepage Send Elrick a Private Message  Reply with Quote

Just figured I'ld post an update. The following is the latest to come over the wire(UFOnewswire) this morning:


SOURCE: Diario La Nueva Provincia (Bahia Blanca, Argentina)
DATE: Thursday, June 27, 2002

**Wild animals are also experiencing strange mutilations**

The case is suggestive, because wild boar are highly distrustful and detect--through their sharp olfactory system--the presence of strangers. On this occasion, an eight month old boar was mutilated. This is the second instance of a wild animal being mutilated since the appearance of a mutilated guanaco in Chubut.

While the mutilation count is now reaching 170 and the cases recorded extend to nine Argentinean provinces, a new ingredient has been added to the phenomenon: the discovery in Rio Colorado of a wild boar carcass showing strange incisions. This is the 6th species hit by the phenomenon, since the mutilated remains of cows, horses, sheep, pigs and even a guanaco (in the province of Chubut) have been found.

Cattleman Nestor Soulé, owner of a rural property some 55 km from Rio Colorado, in the Department of Pichimahuida, found the boar speciment last Sunday near a gully. The animal, he explained, had geometrically perfect incisions and was missing the anus, tongue and jaw. To the surprise of the rancher and the farmhand escorting him, the animal was still soft in spite of the -14 C temperature marked by the thermometer.

"It's impossible that an animal could remain in this condition after dead and after the cold, but I was surprised not to find any tracks nearby," said Soulé, who is aware of the "map" presented by the animals and the varying forms and conditions of the pasture surface. The rancher chose not to file a police report, but did put the boar carcass in his pickup truck to show his neighbor. He later left it in the wilderness.

"Due to its traits, a boar is an animal that is able to smell any living creature a quite a distance, even thought [the boar] may be young....this is why it flees at the slightest sign of any peril," Soulé explained. The rancher thus made clear why this case is so fascinating and different to the ones involving breeding animals. "I'm not a researcher or anything similar, and that's why I don't know what to say, but this is strange and I never saw anything like it before."

**In La Pampa**

The carcass of an Aberdeen Angus bovine missing parts of its body were found last weekend in a field located 2 km from the town of Embajador Martini, province of La Pampa.
The professionals who analyzed the case verified that it was missing part of its tongue and mammary glands, and that its left maxillary had been sectioned off. A mysterious situation also occured to the north of the Pampan town of Rancul at the "Los Caldenes" ranch, where a cow had died of natural causes in the afternoon only to be found with incisions on its jaw and missing its tongue the next day. The province of Entre Rios has also the epicenter of these events: in a field located 2 km from Rt.11, a rancher found a 170 kg heifer and a 500 kg. milk cow some 800 meters from each other, both presenting the notorious incision marks.

**In Carhué**

Cases involving strange animal deaths are still a subject for discussion in this city given the fact that mutilations continue to appear day after day for unknown reasons. The discoveries made by veterinarian Fernando Lopez are complemented by those of his colleague, Horacio Volpe.
Last week, the professional was summoned by the owner of a rural property located 25km from Carhue--no personal information mentioned for privacy reasons--where an 8-9 month calf showing the trademark incisions recorded in the area had been found.

The professional noted that his attention was drawn by the perfect incisions, the flacidness of the animal --"which seemed recently dead," he noted -- and the absence of blood.

While Volpe preferred not to hazard a theory, he pointed out that an employee of the property told him that his brother, who was cultivating during the night, "saw some intense red lights, as though from a laser, moving very quickly across the countryside."

Veterinarian Omar Fernando Lopez also observed a new case in a rural establishment close to this city: it involved a pregnant cow found in the fields of Juan Carlos Robilotte, showing the same incisions, with the difference that the cow was about to give birth. "There was a circle [on the left flank, above the udder] through wihch half of the calf's body was protruding, but I couldn't ascertain if there were any lesions, since it was in an advanced state of decomposition."

* A Racehorse *

A racehorse belonging to the Quarter Horse breed, belonging to stables near the Rio Negran town of Choele Choel, was found dead with strange mutilations. "It was as though it had been hollowed out from within," reported police sources in describing the stud horse, of considerable economic value.

Veterinarian Carlos Montobbio, who certified the case, reported that the horse was missing an eye and part of its tongue, but no incisions on the maxillary had been performed. It had also been castrated and a significant part of its small intestine and rectum had been removed. The expert dismissed the possibility of an atatck by "yellow-jacket" wasps: "the surgical incisions presented by the animals cannot be made by insects," said Montobbio.

**Lights Over Carhué**

Several residents claimed to have seen strange lights allegedly related to the presence of UFOs. Manuel Alesso and Raul Blengio, two rural livestockers owning property in the Paraje Cilley area, 10 km from Carhué, saw these lights in the same way as did other witnesses from different parts of Buenos Aires province. "Between 7:30 and 8 p.m., I was touring the fields of Arroyo Venado when I saw two lights to the northeast," said Alesso. He added that he stopped his pickup truck and flashed his headlights at the lights. "The light began to shine even brighter and seemed to descend, which is why I went over to where Raul (Blengio) was planting and asked him to look. The lights were white, round and gave off a sort of haze," he noted. He said that behind the light there was another less shiny one.

Raul Blengio added that the lights moved slowly: "The weren't stars...they were strange moving lights," explained Alesso, while adding that a third witness accompanying them also saw the lights."I'm certain they have something to do with the cattle mutlations," he added.

Carolina Montenegro, a young Carhuensan about to graduate with a devgree in Business Administration, spoke of having a similar experience: "On Friday night, around nine, I was in the countryside and to my surprise I saw a small light, orange in color and smaller than a star, and at the height of said lights there were no other stars to be seen. As I watched, the light changed colors from orange to red, then to green and then back to orange until after 5 minutes it became smaller and vanished."
Translation (C) 2002. Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology. Special Thanks to Proyecto CATENT.

"We are not merely human beings having a spiritual experience, but rather spiritual beings having a human experience."
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Posted - 06/28/2002 :  3:07:59 PM  Show Profile Send Hadrianus a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Perhaps if we approached this question logically, we might reach some tentative conclusions.

Obviously, there is a pattern here. Tongue, jaw, rectum, genitalia, sometimes intestine, are removed with surgical precision.

The animals are unnaturally flaccid when found, even in freezing weather.

The case of the wild boar suggests that the animals are drugged or incapacitated in some non-obvious way.

The constant comparison of the wounds with "incisions" points out that these are not wounds caused by wild animals, and that what or whoever is making them possesses some form of technology - at least the ability to make metal knives, and possibly even more advanced things (lasers?)

So what does this all mean?

I think we can rule out some sort of ghoulish gourmet. While, as I mentioned above, the tongue has often been high on the list of delicacies, and even gonads (sweetbreads) are favored by some, why the jaw? There are other muscles in the body more tender and succulent. Indeed, why the rectum? Are we to believe that someone finds that portion of the animal particularly delicious? I don't think this is a food thing.

Well, what about genetic sampling by Aliens? Again, I think that can be ruled out. To obtain a gene profile even we clumsy and backwards Humans need only a very small amount of material. A syringe full of blood would be more than enough. Why the entire tongue? Even more confusing, why the rectum? Genetic sampling cannot be the main purpose here.

Satanic ritual? Maybe. I cannot claim to know enough about this subject to hazard a guess as to why the tongue and rectum are removed, but it is conceivable.

However, given that these mutilations occur all over the world, and usually present the same form of mutilation, this would imply that if these are ritual killings the cult involved is not only world-wide but also homogenous in at least certain of it's beliefs.

I find this unlikely. Even such supposedly monolithic institutions as the Catholic Church are not homogenous. I can tell you for a fact that popular Catholicism in Central America in some ways bears little resemblance to what is practiced in Rome. Many local traditions have crept in and become so mixed with the orthodox dogma that what exists in, say, Guatemala, might easily be mistaken for an entirely different religion.

If this is so with such a relatively open (I said relatively) institution as the Catholic Church, which I know goes out of it's way to ensure uniformity of belief through indoctrination, then how much more so must it be with a secret cult attempting to operate worldwide?

I would expect that if there were such a cult, the forms of mutilation found would be different, even significantly so, from geographical region to geographical region, reflecting local beliefs and superstitions.

But this is not the case. The relative uniformity of the mutilations argues for a single group operating worldwide under a common agenda, almost exactly.

So what does that imply?

It would fit with Aliens, certainly. But if so their motivation remains a mystery. The purpose is not food, not genetic sampling.

This would also fit with a secret worldwide group of "scientists" performing some vast experiment. But that cannot be it. Why? If it were Humans operating in secret, they obviously would rather not draw attention to themselves. Being Humans, they could easily purchase all the cattle they wanted, seclude them in remote areas, perform these experiments, and dispose of the bodies without anyone being the wiser. That would make a lot more sense than killing privately owned cattle at night and leaving the evidence behind.

So what are we left with?

Aliens, operating under some incomprehensible protocol, would fit the bill.

Can anyone imagine any similarities of function or sampling that might be represented by a cow's tongue and anus?

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Posted - 06/28/2002 :  3:31:42 PM  Show Profile  Visit Elrick's Homepage Send Elrick a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Good question...this is definately a stumper....primarily due to lack of evidence. There are too many unknowns, and the lack of any physical evidence or clues to who is behind it, only helps to hide the reasons why this is happening. If we knew the "why" or the "who", we could at least speculate as to what is going on. I agree as I have pointed out before...if it we our government or even a secret group, then why wouldn't they use their own cattle purchased through whatever means, and then experiment on in secret/seclusion....the biggest mystery to me is, why are these left behind? The evidence (or lack of) is left right there for all to find....if it didn't sound so rediculous, I would even suggest that we are meant to find them....but then what would that indicate? This is indeed a bizaar phenomenon and I have no answers.

"We are not merely human beings having a spiritual experience, but rather spiritual beings having a human experience."
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Posted - 07/03/2002 :  10:26:10 AM  Show Profile  Visit Elrick's Homepage Send Elrick a Private Message  Reply with Quote
I know you've all read it before likely, but here is an update....the latest from UFO Roundup:


Volume 7, Number 26
June 25, 2002
Editor: Joseph Trainor


The wave of cattle mutilations which began in
Argentina's Buenos Aires province just over a month ago
spread to even more provinces last week, with well over
100 cases now being reported.
"Two new animal mutilation cases shook the
communities of Rivera and Coronel Pringles."
Coronel Pringles is located about 150 kilometers (90
miles) northeast of the city of Bahia Blanca in southern
Buenos Aires province.
In Rivera, at a field "belonging to the Adolfo Alsina

district, residents had still not overcome their surprise
and uncertainty caused by the appearance of a cow found
mutilated at a farm, when word was received that a horse
had suffered similar injuries." (See the following story
for more on the horse mutilations--J.T.)
"'The animal (cow) was missing an eye, like the one
that turned up in Salliquelo" six weeks ago, "'and I was
startled by the cut that removed both its teeth and jaw,
which was a perfect cut,' added the cattle's owner."
Veterinarian Jorge Robles "dismissed the possibility
that a wild animal could make these incisions."
"'The bird or animal that attacks a carcass isn't
after the eye, the ear or the mammary glands. They are
carnivorous and feed on flesh. In this case, 80 percent
of what's missing is hide. This is what fills me with
doubts,'" Robles said.
"The veterinarian confirmed that the place where the
animal was found was far removed from trails or roads.
'The people who discovered the first cases noted that all
of the carcasses had their heads towards the east and
their tails towards the west. Since it isn't easy to find
the cardinal points in a field, I took a compass with me
when I went to see this cow again. To my surprise, the
head was pointing due east and the tail due west. What
happened cannot be fit within the framework of medical
science,' he added."
"Four dead animals were found in the town of Coronel
Pringles, two in Rivera, one in Coronel Dorrego and
another in Abramo, in La Pampa province" last week.
"In Pringles, after the death of a 220-kilogram steer

became known, veterinarian Juan Murdrovcic described the
gruesome findings:"
"'I was informed of four dead cows in a pasture near
the Las Praderas farm, property of Eduardo Fernandino,
located on the border with Laprada. To reach their
location, it was necessary to employ a tractor, since it
is a marshy, boggy region. The last 300 meters (1,000
feet) had to be traversed on foot.'"
"'There is a hill after the marshland. There, within

a 150-meter (500-foot) radius, we found the four dead
cows. While there was little natural light, I was
startled by the fact that their eyes were fully outside of
their (ocular) cavities. (The carcasses) were in an odd
pattern, on their legs, unlike others that are (usually
found) lying on their sides.'"
"'When the cowhand lifted the cow's legs, there was a

perfect circle where the organ (an udder) was located.
Missing from the area were skin, glandular tissue, and
there was no sign of a knife mark or an incision or any
blood. An almost perfect piece of (surgical) work,
geometrically well-executed,' commented the veterinarian."
"Two more cattle mutilations were added to the four
reported earlier near Rivera, according to Jorge Robles's
statements to (the Argentinian newspaper) La Nueva
Provincia. The case involves a middle-aged cow and a two-
to-three-month-old calf which had died days earlier but
which had been found with various incisions."
"Robles stated that the calf had died over 15 days
ago (June 4, 2002--J.T.) and the cow a week ago
(Wednesday, June 12, 2002--J.T.). The farmer and his
sons, due to the strange animal deaths reported and the
psychosis (terror) prevalent among the population,
verified the animals' condition and found that various
organs were missing."
"Robles said that the field was located southeast of
Rivera, some 10 to 15 kilometers (6 to 9 miles) from the
town and was the property of Manuel Candanedo."
"A dead and mutilated cow was (also) found in the
Pampan community of Abramo. The animal was a pregnant
black cow, eight years old--was missing an eye, its
tongue, its reproductive apparatus, udders and jaw. The
case was reported by Agustin Alvarez to the Bernasconi
Sheriff's Office on Monday (June 17, 2002), although the
event is believed to have occurred between Friday night
(June 14) and Saturday (June 15, 2002)."
"As the Bernasconi Sheriff's Office reported, the
incisions were 'cauterized' and the cow gives off no odor
and is soft, as though recently deceased. The location
where the animal was found, near a mill, has yielded no
clues whatsoever."
"Dead cows, mutilated and without a trace of blood,
have created a strange wave of uncertainty among
scientists, fear among the general population and
conjectures about extraterrestrial activity."
"The foreman of" a corporate farm "near the town of
Adela, some 600 kilometers (360 miles) southwest of Buenos
Aires," the national capital, "found 11 dead cows and
bulls whose tongues, eyes, mammary glands and genitalia
had been removed. The find, which was added to the 9 dead
and mutilated animals in nearby communities, spread fear
among the rural population of the region, which is one of
the richest cattle production areas" in Argentina.
"The bovine corpses were scattered in a radius of 300

meters (1,000 feet), arranged in a circle, which they
(observers) could see from above. The incisions were made
with an electronic scalpel--an instrument which cauterizes
as it cuts. No trace of bleeding was found."
In Santa Fe province, northwest of Buenos Aires, "A
mutilated cow was found in the Santa Fe community of
Moises Ville, 170 kilometers (102 miles) from the
provincial seat. The incisions are similar to those
reported in cases in Buenos Aires, Rio Negro and La Pampa
"The animal, a crossbreed known as Red Overo, was
found missing an ear and eye, a tongue, genitalia and the
muscular mass of its jawbone, according to spokespersons
for the Renata Kulemeyer farm in whose pasture field the
mutilation occurred. As in earlier cases, the cuts were
performed with surgical accuracy, without any traces of
blood on the animal's hide nor any tracks in the
"Reports were received from the first case involving
a dead cow with strange incisions in the town of Nicolas
Levalle in southern Buenos Aires province." Local
cattlemen claim that "the cow was 'somewhat dizzy.' 'It
stood still and stopped walking. While we didn't stop to
look, as we led the rest of the herd to the watering hole,
there's no doubt something happened,' said Enrique
Kampmeier, the field's owner, whose farm is located 65
kilometers (40 miles) west of Bahia Blanca in the
Villarino district. 'The cow broke away from the herd and,
when it was found an hour later, it was missing several
"Oscar Bellido, the municipal delegate of Goyena, 140

kilometers (84 miles) north of Bahia Blanca, confirmed the
discovery of a cow in a pasture field belonging to the
Murguia family. The animal was missing such organs as the
tongue and part of its throat. Its extremities were
"In Chaco, a dead cow presenting signs of anal and
ocular mutilation was found in a field close to General
San Martin, some 120 kilometers (72 miles) north of the
capital. The story was confirmed by the chief of Region 5
Chaco Police Raul Maldonado, who witnessed the phenomenon
alongside a veterianarian on the farm."
"According to Maldonado, the farm's foreman found the

animal on Sunday (June 16, 2002) but waited for the
arrival of the farm's owner, Alfredo Pegoraro, to inform
the authorities."
"Both men went to see the cow and were able to see
that, in spite of the days elapsed since its death, the
natural decay process had not occurred."
"In Bolivar, a livestock producer reported that one
of his animals had been mutilated and 'different parts of
its anatomy are missing...the bovine is missing both ears,
the tongue, a piece of hide from its flank and flesh from
its jawbone." (See the following Argentinian newspapers:
La Nueva Provincia of Bahia Blanca for June 16, 2002,
"Cattle mutilations reach 50 throughout the region" and
for June 19, 2002, "The subject ceases to be trivial;"
Diario Rio Negro for June 20, 2002, "Mystery death toll
rises to 84" and for June 22, 2002, "SENASA unable to find
explanation for mutilations;" La Capital of Santa Fe for
June 21, 2002, "Dead cow found in Moises Ville;" and El
Tribuno of Salta for June 20, 2002, "Fear of cattle
mutilations grows." Muchas gracias a Scott Corrales,
Gloria Coluchi, Mercedes Cases, Alicia Rossi y Proyecto
Catent para esos articulos de diario.)


Argentina's mutilation scare took a sinister new
twist last week as the first reports of horses being
mutilated began to trickle in.
"The mutilation in Rivera is the first one to involve

a horse."
"'The horse died of old age some 20 days ago (May 26,

2002), right near the barn. For this reason I decided to
rope it by the legs and drag it to a secluded area. I
went by many times in recent days but never past the
carcass, and when I saw what had happened, I was
startled,' related the horse's owner, who declined to
identify himself."
"He added that the horse was missing its tongue,
despite the fact that its jaw was clenched shut. 'It's
weird, because when an animal dies, it stiffens so much
that it's hard to open its mouth.'"
"The cattleman also stated that the horse was missing

its anus and genitalia, as well as skin from the inner
section of the genital organ. 'Also its tail, which had
been clipped perfectly down to the hair but with the
abdominal wall showing,' he added."
"The rural location where the mutilated horse was
discovered was west of Rivera, some 12 kilometers (8
miles) away from the town."
"The horse was inspected by veterinarian Jorge
Robles, who also analyzed the dead cows in Areno. 'The
incisions are the same,'" the veterinarian said, "'The
horse is missing its tongue, an eye, an ear and its
Dead and mutilated horses were found near Rio
Colorado on Wednesday, June 19, 2002.
"With regard to the horse found near Rio Colorado, it

was reported that it was missing an ear, its left eye, its
tongue, digestive tract and anus. The discovery took
place on the farm of Delfor Segura, some 40 kilometers (25
miles) from Rio Colorado heading towards Conesa."
"The animal, a black riding horse, was 600 meters
(2,000 feet) away from the farmhouse and, as in earlier
cases, did not give off any odor and did not attract
predators. Also strange is that the spot where the
discovery took place is hard to reach and 5 kilometers (3
miles) off the road. No tracks or traces were found in
the vicinity."
"The Catriel case was rather similar. Veterinarians
and ranchers are still stupefied, since they cannot find
an explanation for this event. The animal lacked
testicles, foreskin, anus and part of the hide on its
belly, which was cut in a similar pattern."
"Veterinarian Jose Torres, who was on site and
examined the horse, stated that 'what drew my attention
were the testicular incisions, since there wasn't a drop
of blood to be found, and veins the size of a pencil run
through this part of the body.' He also estimated that
'the incisions were made with a very sharp knife or
scalpel by a surgeon having considerable knowledge and
skill. Contrary to other cases, these incisions were not
cauterized.'" (See the Argentinian newspapers La Nueva
Provincia for June 16, 2002, "New mutilations in Rivera
and Pringles," and Diario Rio Negro for June 20, 2002,
"Two horses found mutilated yesterday in Catriel and Rio
Colorado." Muchas gracias a Scott Corrales y Gloria
Coluchi para esos articulos de diario.)


Argentina's wave of animal mutilations has been
accompanied by a sudden sharp upsurge in the number of UFO
sightings. Mystery objects and lights have been seen at
mutilation sites such as Catriel and General San Martin.
"A group of police officers claimed to have witnessed

an unidentified flying object in the community of 25 de
Mayo," in Argentina's La Pampa province, "and are looking
into the possibility that the episode may have something
to do with the dozens of mutilated animals found in the
provinces of La Pampa, Rio Negro and Buenos Aires."
On Thursday, June 20, 2002, "an unidentified flying
object was seen over the tourist complex known as Las
Lenas by dozens of natives, tourists and operators of the
Mendoza resort. The object was a short distance away, as
multiple eyewitness reports corroborated."
"Visual contact with the strange object occurred 8
p.m. and 8:30 p.m. yesterday (Thursday) over Cerro Los
Fosiles (hill), a natural graveyard of extinct marine
creatures which form part of the exclusive Las Lenas
(Editor's Comment: Sounds like geologists' heaven!)
"'Several people claim having seen a strange luminous

effect. This is the overall remark circulating in Las
Lenas,' explained one of the tourist complex workers,
requesting anonymity. 'The phenomenon occurred near part
of the hill known as La Antenna to the locals, since the
internal radio communications for the complex are located
"'It's a luminous phenomenon, not an object. It's a
light that runs down the sides (of the Cerro Los Fosiles--
J.T.),' explained another worker at the Mendoza resort."
"One of the witnesses of the curious incident was a
machinery operator, who in the early hours of the evening
was using one of the snow rollers that press the ski trail
for skiers. The man was carrying out his duties near the
base of the chair lift of the El Vulcano Trail when he
noticed to his amazement an 'intense multicolored light'
moving about 600 meters (2,000 feet) away, causing
vehicular (engine) trouble aboard the snow roller."
(Editor's Note: Right now it's the middle of winter in
Argentina and other countries of the southern hemisphere,
so there is plenty of snow in the Andes.)
"Frightened and amazed, the machinist got down from
his vehicle and ran towards the Las Lenas lodge, where he
informed his superiors of the phenomenon, which he did not
hesitate to qualify as a UFO."
"Over the next several hours, the ski resort"
received several reports "from motorists driving along
adjacent roads" of the phenomenon at Cerro Los Fosiles.
"'Last Monday (June 17, 2002), in the vicinity of La
Himalaya, going towards Azopardo, resident Ricardo
Rodriguez saw a flying saucer over a nearby hill, bearing
a strong white light and with a red bottom. His brother
was able to see something similar in another field on
Tuesday night (June 18, 2002): he was driving and he saw
the UFO in a different direction, but in the same region,'
added (Oscar) Bellido, (municipal delegate for Goyena)."
"A UFO was seen Wednesday night (June 19, 2002) in
the vicinity of Puente Dique over the Rio Colorado (river)
in Catriel, about 25 kilometers (15 miles) from the
province of Neuquen. The alleged UFO was seen by truckers
and people working at the Provincial Traffic Control
(checkpoint--J.T.) on the La Pampa/Rio Negro highway."
"Most witnesses concur that the UFO was seen around 9

p.m. and was over the area of Penas Blancas, giving off a
powerful red light that increased and diminished in
"Jorge Hernandez, an operator in Puente Dique, stated

that 'the light was suspended (hovered) for more or less
20 minutes and was lost from sight....the light became
very strong and then appeared to dim. It moved in bursts
and then remained couldn't be a plane or
helicopter because of the way it remained still. I wasn't
the only witness--many other folks around here have seen
it. Some say the lights are related to the dead animals,'
he concluded."
"In General San Martin and other localities in the
province of La Pampa, several residents reported having
seen 'strange lights' in recent days. Sheriff Gustavo
Martinez," of the Bernasconi Sheriff's Office, "says he
ascertained the existence of a strange light in the sky
after having been alerted by neighbors. 'It changed color
and size consistently, sometimes reddish and then blue.
It was significantly larger than a star, more like the
size of a tennis ball,' stressed the police official."
(See the Argentinian newspapers El Diario de Parana for
June 21, 2002, "UFO seen over tourist complex" and Diario
Rio Negro for June 22, 2002, "Strange lights reported in
La Pampa." Muchas gracias a Scott Corrales y Gloria
Coluchi para esos articulos de diario.)


A prize bull was discovered mutilated in a field in
St. Paul, Alberta province, Canada (population 4,861) last
week. St. Paul is about 50 miles (80 kilometers) east-
northeast of Edmonton.
According to researcher Fernand Pelzil, he visited
the scene and discovered "what I call an authentic
mutilation, as well as one of the most interesting cases
in all six years I've been investigating."
"The bull was lying in a small clump of willow trees
facing west. The tongue was removed, as well as the left
eye and left ear." Genitalia were also removed.
"On the stomach was a very neat laser incision, oval in
shape, measuring 14 inches by 9 inches (35 by 22
centimeters--J.T.). The skin was never found, and the
flesh had not been touched. The rectum had also been
removed with the same precision."
"What is very interesting about this mutilation is
that the blood test result indicated that the blood was
composed of pure hemoglobin. Only three such cases have
been confirmed in North America--two were in the United
States. The scientist told me that in order to change the
blood to hemoglobin, one needs very sophisticated
equipment, and to do this in a field is like doing brain
surgery in the kitchen using kitchen utensils." (Many
thanks to Louise A. Lowry for this report.)


"We are not merely human beings having a spiritual experience, but rather spiritual beings having a human experience."

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Posted - 07/03/2002 :  11:09:04 AM  Show Profile  Visit Elrick's Homepage Send Elrick a Private Message  Reply with Quote
another strange little somewhat unimportant piece.....looks like maybe Mulder and Skully have been called

Argentina: Mysterious U.S. Military Man Visits Senasa

DATE: June 25, 2002

Mysterious U.S. Military Man Visits Senasa

While SENASA's inbox is receiving the most outrageous theories regarding the phenomenon of cattle mutilations, even employees are contributing strange versions and proposals. The authorities are overwhelmed and it was learned that a strange individual resembling the investigators on the popular TV show "The X Files" had entered the country as a reinforcement.

A researcher from the U.S. armed forces landed mysteriously at San Fernando in recent hours and could provide a new perspective on the subject, since SENASA's director, Bernardo Cane, is trying to find the solution in the similarities with cases in the United States. Cane says that he has not forsaken his scientific interpretations and suggests "agitators" as the culprits. The official does not believe that neither the "petiso orejudo" nor the "Pombero" [supernatural creatures of Argentinean folklore] , or even the Chupacabras, are involved.

Translation (C) 2002. IHU. Special thanks to Alicia Rossi.


"We are not merely human beings having a spiritual experience, but rather spiritual beings having a human experience."
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Posted - 07/03/2002 :  12:16:12 PM  Show Profile Send Hadrianus a Private Message  Reply with Quote
Curiouser and curiouser, quoth the Jabberwock.

I can see you are very interested in this particular phenomenon, Elrick. It certainly is most graphic, and the evidence is difficult to brush aside.

I have an inkling of a hint of a theory. See what you think.

First, let's simply assume that these phenomena are caused by Aliens. There seems to be no possible earthly explanation. The UFO's in the vicinity, the perfection of the cuts, the nature of the cuts (laser incisions with instant cauterization), the uniformity of the form of the cuts in each instance, the geographical distribution. It would all seem to be beyond the parameters of some bizarre human-made hoax. As for an earthly group doing some weird secret scientific experiment, I think we have agreed that would make no sense, and could be done much more easily in private.

No, I think there is ample reason to assume it's Aliens. (This, of course, requires that you believe in Aliens).

The question is, why? Why these exact parts? What possible reason could they have for these activities?

Let's see, the tongue, the jaw muscles, the digestive system or parts of it, the left eye, the mammary glands, and the genitalia. How could these all fit together?

As I've mentioned, this combination of parts makes no sense for a purpose such as genetic sampling, or cloning. You need only small amounts of material for that.

But what if we are looking at the work of an Alien species that has no digestive system? What if we are looking at the work of a species that has no tongue, and for whom the function of that sense organ is a mystery? What if they are not mammals and are fascinated by the act of a mother nursing her young? What if they do not reproduce sexually, and so the genitalia are of interest? The eyes? Maybe they have none, or they are interested in analysing eyes that evolved to deal with the radiation of this particular star (obviously, they could study Human eyes, but perhaps they have an aversion to maiming any Humans they might abduct for study).

I do not wish to endorse any of the scenarios that have arisen from the Roswell incident (like the Majestic 12 documents or Col. Corso's book) but it is interesting to note that several of these agree in stating that the autopsies of the Aliens recovered from the saucer(s) showed that they had no digestive systems. How they absorbed nutrition or energy was a mystery to the doctors who performed the autopsies, and led them to speculate that these beings were a bioengineered species with a built-in short life span, manufactured for short-term purposes.

In any case, such a species would probably be interested in the function of the digestive system, no? This might also explain the persistent reports of anal probes being used on abductees.

Obviously, a species that did not eat would not need a tongue. The tongue is a marvelous organ, much more than just a muscle. The taste buds it contains are actually tiny chemical sensors, which can pick up minute traces of a vast number of substances and inform the brain of their presence. Perhaps this is a novel sense to these Aliens, and they want to study it.

The jaw muscles? These harbor the salivary glands, and if someone wanted to study the function of the tongue, they would probably want to include those glands in their research.

For a species that came from a world where the mother did not nurse her children, the mammary glands would certainly be a fascinating bit of Alien anatomy, worthy of study.

If a species produced asexually, by fission, or perhaps budding, or if they had given up sexual reproduction millions of years ago in favor of cloning and growing their young to specifications in an artificial womb, the act of sexual reproduction might conceivably be of considerable interest. Studying the reproductive organs would follow.

The eyes? Like I said, it seems likely that eyes which evolve for species living around different stars, with different radiation patterns, would have different structures. Perhaps all advanced species have eyes, but their structure depends on the type of star that the home world orbits. Perhaps the eye is some sort of interstellar standard by which various species are classified in some grand Interstellar Encyclopedia.

It is also interesting to note, however, that in purely Human biology laboratories, the fluid contained in the eye is recognized as the best medium in which to grow bacteria, viruses, you name it. And where do Human biologists get this eye fluid? You guessed it. Cows.

And that brings up, why cows? Well, cows, horses and wild pigs. Why do the Aliens mutilate these animals only?

In point of fact, we don't know it's cows, horses and wild pigs only. These are just the ones we've found. If the Aliens similarly mutilated a Kangaroo in the Australian outback, or some mountain gorilla in the jungles of the Congo, or a dolphin in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, would we know?

Wild animals of large size are becoming very scarce on this world. Scarcer each day. Perhaps the Aliens are also, in their way, conservationists, and have no desire to kill a member of an endangered species.

Cows are numerous, they are large, and we just leave them standing around in the open all over the planet. Why not cows?

I think the most interesting thing is that whoever is doing this apparantly is making no attempt at all to conceal what they are doing. Are they trying to tell us something? Or do they not care at all what we think?

I would imagine, if it's Aliens doing this who are considerably more advanced than we are, probably it's the latter. They know we'll be stumped, and we can't do anything about it anyway.

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